Rise Up – Official Lyric Video and Blog

Rise up is the third song on the AHX album If You Weren’t Here. This song really started as a journal entry when I was writing out a prayer. If you are like me you can sometimes have your mind wander when you are praying so I had gotten in the habit of writing out my prayers.

This prayer is really asking God to show himself in all of these areas of my life. I had gotten to a place where I’ve been a believer for a long long time and parts of my walk had become just average. I was longing for the closeness of God, that presence to start messing up the norm.

The second movement of the song is the chorus which is just an honest confession inside my longing that God doesn’t shrink back or shy away from us. “You don’t fall away, Your love doesn’t change for me.”
He can’t love me anymore and He couldn’t love me any less” because it’s perfect as is.

The third movement of the song is the bridge that just says “O I believe You, believe You when you say”
This past Sunday during the message our teaching pastor Yancey said this one thing, “It’s not that I need to know anything knew but rather that I need to deeply believe what I already know.” That really ties exactly into what this bridge is saying. God calls his people to confession many times throughout Bible. I love when Jesus was with his disciples and he asked them “Who do you say that I am?”

Our answer to that shown not just in our words but in our lives is what this song is really about. We come to the end of this and just say AMEN.

Rise Up Official Lyric Video