“Lights are Coming On” Official Lyric Video and Story

This might be my favorite song lyrically on the whole album. It has taken on several different faces during the recording process. This song originally was a song called Presence with a different melody and completely different lyrics. We got to the finish of the music and I ultimately was like “man this music is better than these words”. I went back to the drawing board and the song took a turn that I hadn’t expected but loved. The first verse says a lot about the place of our fear in light of who God is.

“Wrestle down my fear when it has overtaken
When my vision’s got so cloudy I can’t see
I forget You stitched my enemies together
You finger on their fray is all I need”

Man if I can live with the realization that God holds his finger on the fray of my enemies that changes how we address the giants in our lives. He is larger than our adversaries

I think the this song is the apex of the album where it says “You are where brokenness and beauty are the same” Jesus on the cross took on all of our brokenness in the largest act of beauty that could ever be imagined.

Let this song be a reminder of the massive power and glory of God.

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